Jervis Bay is the perfect place for a great girls’ getaway weekend

Are you looking for the perfect place for a great girls’ getaway weekend to Jervis Bay?

Find out why Jervis Bay could be your ideal choice.

My Top 5 Girl’s Favourite Picks in Jervis Bay.

Veronica Marie Meyer

Have you ever thought about getting together for a weekend away with one, two or even a few of your closest gal pals?

Most of us ladies dream about a bit of quality together time with our besties, mums or sisters …

…. what if we do it this year for our annual girls’ weekend getaway to Jervis Bay?

You smile to yourself as you drift off into imagining what it would be like to spend a couple of glorious days free to enjoy yourself and do exactly what you want to do for a change without having to worry about anybody else. You know what I mean – it’s not that we don’t love our boyfriends, husbands and kids to bits but you have to concede that, if you’re going to stay on this side of sane, then every now and then everybody needs some time to themselves, an opportunity to unwind and forget about looking after other people so that, just for once, you can focus on your own plans.

3 girls on a perfect weekend getaway at the unspoilt white sands and crystal clear waters of Jervis Bay

A little mini-break to re-charge your batteries

After all, we’re only talking about a day or two. A little mini-break to re-charge your batteries. The chance to spend some time doing all the things that women enjoy so much but that leave males rolling their eyes at the mere suggestion of a leisurely stroll through the stalls of local markets, or kids bored and clamouring for your attention before you’ve even begun to browse through the tempting shelves of an enticing boutique.

Just a couple of easy-going days where you’re free to do your own things – now, that’s not too much to ask, is it?

Of course it isn’t!

But even though it sounds like a fabulous idea, have you noticed how, most of the time those plans seem to get sidelined?

Usually that’s because it’s simply too hard to come up with a place that’s going to meet all the important criteria: it needs to be reasonably close to home so that you don’t waste your weekend travelling, it has to be sufficiently out of town so that it can give you a genuine escape from your daily routine, and it must have enough variety of venues, activities and opportunities for relaxation, fun and recreation to guarantee that your weekend away with the girls will be an absolute winner.

Magical Jervis Bay could be the answer to your girls’ getaway dreams


Well, the good news is that it might finally be time for you to make those calls, write those emails and send and SMS or three because magical Jervis Bay could be the answer to your girls’ getaway dreams.

It truly is a hidden piece of paradise that’s virtually on your doorstep.

Jervis Bay truly is a hidden piece of paradise on the South Coast of NSW

Jervis Bay truly is a hidden piece of paradise and is waiting for your unforgettable girl’s weekend getaway.

Located little more than 2 hours directly down the coast from Sydney, Jervis Bay is a perfect location where you can easily escape without having to face all the hassles of traffic, crowds or travel.

And its breathtaking beauty, spectacular beaches and unspoiled bushland are only a beginning because it’s packed full of all the sorts of delights that can turn a weekend away with your good friends into fabulous memories that will last a lifetime.

Top 5 girl’s favourite picks for an unforgettable weekend in Jervis Bay


I’ve spent so many years getting away to Jervis Bay that I consider it as my second home. And since mum has lived there for the last 30 years, it has meant that, together with her and my sister, we’ve spent more weekends than I can count indulging in all the goodies that are constantly on offer!

So that you can get the most out of your girls’ weekend getaway and give yourself some really special memories to treasure for always, here are my Top 5 Girl’s Favourite Picks that I’ve selected out of all of the great ways that you can enjoy yourself on a weekend away with friends, mums and sisters at gorgeous Jervis Bay.

Girl’s Favourite Pick #1 – Local markets galore!


Did someone say local markets? Oh yes, they most certainly did – and what an amazing choice you’ve got on offer virtually every weekend at Jervis Bay.

Whether you want a stash of freshly grown local produce to fill the boot of your car, delicious homemade delicacies to indulge your taste buds or handmade arts and crafts to decorate your home (or, like I do, to have ready as ideal gifts for the next round of birthdays!) there seems to be no limit to the variety of items on display in the stalls that line the markets of the area.

Jervis Bay Local Markets, fresh produce, handmade arts, ideal gifts and so much more

Handmade delicacies to indulge your taste buds at Huskisson markets

I do my best to make sure that I come away with my jar(s) of self-made lemon butter that scarcely last more than a couple of days once their back home in the fridge (if they make it that far!). And the 3 Citrus Marmalade that my husband and I are enjoying for breakfast at the moment is to die for (I’m super fussy about jams of any description and I reckon this has got to be the best marmalade I’ve ever eaten!).

There are plenty of markets to choose from, so if there’s one that particularly takes your fancy, why not organize your weekend to match? Here’s a link with all the details that you’ll need to make sure that you can indulge all of your market yearnings to your heart’s content: 

Huskisson Markets every second Sunday. Limitless variety of items on display in the stalls.

There are plenty of markets to choose from: Huskisson Markets, Tomerong Markets, Callala Beach Markets ….

Girl’s Favourite weekend getaway Pick #2 – Café heaven

Who can ever really resist the sweet temptation of tea, coffee and cake? Especially when you add the super special bonus of being able to sit back, relax and enjoy a peaceful chat with your friends while looking out over beaches that are like something out of a postcard with their clear turquoise waters and glistening white sands.

Pinch yourself – it’s real!

The main street in Huskisson is lined with a selection of top quality cafes that can rival any of Sydney or Melbourne’s hot spots – and these venues take their coffee seriously!

There’s Nutmeg Cafe, Pilgrims, 5 Little Pigs, Huskisson Bakery and Cafe, Angels Bayside Cafe to name just a few.

Nutmeg Cafe and Restaurant. European Alfresco Breakfast, Lunch and Dining at its best for a girls getaway.
Huskisson Bakery Cafe - The perfect spot for a girls getaway breakfast in the center of Huskisson
Angels Bayside Cafe - girls you want a dance in the evening - this is the spot for your weekend getaway

Photo by Angels Bay Side Cafe

If you’re after something a little more off the beaten track, mum and I really enjoy The Pelican Waterfront Cafe and Restaurant, which is tucked away near the boat ramp at St George’s Basin. Did I mention the tranquil, still waters lapping against the shore as you enjoy a mouth-watering brunch outside in the sunshine, or at the tables inside the bright and cheery building, all with stunning views over the lake? We can’t get enough of this place, especially when the rest of the family is in town to join us there for a meal!

The Pelican Waterfront Cafe and Restaurant - Start your weekend getaway here with your friends

Girl’s Favourite Pick #3 – Lazy dayz

A sunny day, a pristine stretch of white sand and crystal clear water beckoning you in for a refreshing, cool dip. Lying around in the sun on your fresh towel, beach umbrella and trees providing welcome shade and good friends to share conversation and fun as you relax together and while away the hours.

Sounding like your idea of perfection?

You couldn’t pick a better place than Jervis Bay to indulge in a total beach lifestyle – the only hard part is going to be choosing which of the incredible number of amazing waterside locations you’re going to decide upon!

The beach at Huskisson boasts the most gorgeous rock platforms that you can ever imagine, plus there’s a park with trees, seats and restrooms all with direct access to the beach. Not to forget the easy stroll to those cafes!

Adjoining this popular spot, you’ll discover Collingwood Beach, which stretches for a couple of kilometres – you have to see it to believe it! If you want access to facilities then head down to the end near the Vincentia shops where you’ll also be able to settle in for lunch, coffee and a bit of shopping if you’re in the mood.

Drive out of town along Jervis Bay Road and you’ll be on your way to the famous seaside resort of Hyams Beach, which is claimed to have ‘the whitest sands in the world’. I totally accept this as being true – one time, I forgot my sunglasses and I had to go back to the car and get them because the sand was so bright that I couldn’t keep my eyes open!

And for a completely different experience, you can’t go past the Basin. Sitting comfortably lakeside, on the grass under the trees it’s the ideal place for picnic lunch with a refreshing glass of white wine to add the finishing touches to pleasant company, conversation and good times.

Girl’s Favourite Pick #4 – Boutique bonanza

Who can resist mooching around sensational boutiques especially when there’s everything on offer that a woman’s heart could possibly desire?

Every time I go into Treasure Chest or White Earth at Huskisson, I always buy at least a couple of Christmas presents to tuck away because I can’t resist the unique and special selection that always seems to change each visit.

Treasure Chest Gift Shop. Girls you won't be able to resist during your weekend getaway
White Earth Raw and Natural Products. Girls favourite pick on a weekend getaway to Jervis Bay

You’ll discover the amazing home decorating ideas that you won’t find anywhere else, ranging from cute and quirky knick-knacks for a corner cupboard to seaside inspired wall-hangings to fantastic funky furniture to transform a dull space into a stunning talking piece.

And if you’re after something to spruce up a tired wardrobe, then I’m delighted to tell you that fashion is Jervis Bay’s middle name! With top quality boutiques catering to individual taste, size and style you’ll have no trouble finding a few sensational additions to your collection (plus I’ve never once been to Huskisson and not seen a specials rack outside the store just waiting for me to pull out an absolutely irresistible bargain buy!). I especially like Jay on the Bay and Beyond the Beach, where there’s an excellent selection to choose from, the staff are helpful and the reasonable prices have always made it easy for me to justify any purchase!

Boutique-Shopping-in-Huskisson on the weekend for girls

Once you’ve exhausted either your feet, bag carrying capacity or credit card limit you can sit down and relax with coffee and cake in one of the countless cafes and compare purchases with your companions – which often seems to be the best part of any successful shopping expedition, don’t you think?

Girl’s Favourite Pick #5 – Culture corner

Jervis Bay might be a seaside resort, but that doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your more refined tastes!

Huskisson Gallery and Framing is a great little gallery featuring work by local artists and is right in the centre of town (just go around the corner at the Main Deck Cafe at 70 Owen Street for the entry and head upstairs). My sister and I have bought mum a couple of outstanding photographs on canvas from here that completely capture the beauty of the local beaches and birdlife.

Art and Crafts at the Huskisson Gallery - a must stop on your weekend getaway

Photo: Huskisson Gallery and Framing

Just up the road, in a gorgeous waterfront location, is the Lady Denman Museum (the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum). This is a ‘must see’ for anyone interested in the local history, collections of artefacts and maritime heritage. It’s part of a bigger complex where you can see the old Lady Denman Ferry and other restored vessels, walk along the boardwalk through the mangroves (a super easy stroll) and immerse yourself in nature, or enjoy wandering amongst the historic buildings that are located within the grounds. Plus there are authentic aboriginal arts, paintings and crafts for sale (you can even learn to throw a boomerang while you’re there!).

If you can plan ahead and organize your girls’ getaway to coincide with the SeeChange Annual Arts Festival 2020 then you’ll be giving yourselves a real treat. We’ve done this several times, and it’s not to be missed! You get a little map and travel around to the homes of local artists who have all got their works on display (and available for purchase). Paintings, pottery and photography – there is so much to see and enjoy that you just can’t beat it. It’s a winter festival that has expanded to include food, entertainment and street theatre. Which means that it’s a great way to combine touring the art with browsing in the boutiques, savouring a bushwalk along the edge of the beach or basin or indulging in a delicious lunch while you sit back, relax with your friends and take in more of the gorgeous views.

Don’t wait any longer – and plan your perfect weekend at stunning Jervis Bay for a getaway with your bestie girls.

There’s just one problem with a girl’s weekend getaway at Jervis Bay – you’ll probably have such a great couple of days with your gal pals that you’ll want to create more amazing memories next year and the next, and the next …

So that, without meaning to, you could discover that you’ve started a tradition for your annual girls’ weekend away to Jervis Bay that will last a lifetime …

Looking forward to seeing you here soon!


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