Exploring Jervis Bay Beaches

Exploring Jervis Bay Beaches

If you are looking for breath-taking white beaches and crystal clear waters, head to Jervis Bay beaches. About two hours south of Sydney lies one of Australia’s hidden gems, Jervis Bay. The area has some of the most beautiful sceneries in the country along with an incredible coastline. Many travellers and tourists tend to overlook the area as people head to the northern beach towns and seaside resorts that are more popular, but taking a trip to the south coast of New South Wales will definitely be worthwhile.

Jervis Bay isn’t as popular, yet, which often leads to smaller crowds and sometimes you might have a beach all to yourself. With the regions vast wildlife variety, you can even spot whales from the beach during the right season.

There are many bigger and smaller beaches in Jervis Bay but here are some that are a must-see during your visit. And first of all there is the most popular one, Hyams Beach.

Explore Jervis Bay Beaches - Hyams Beach on a sunny summer day

Hyams Beach

Known as one of the most picture-perfect coastlines in New South Wales, Hyams Beach is a place you have to go to when in Jervis Bay.

What has Hyams Beach in common with some of the world’s most famous seaside destinations like Matira Beach, Bora Bora, Tahiti Datai Bay, Langkawi, Malaysia Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii Luskentyre Beach, Isle of Harris, Scotland Playa Flamenco, Culebra, Puerto Rico White Beach, Boracay, Philippines Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia? Yes, you got it. That wasn’t too hard, was it? The stunning white sandy beaches and their crystal clear turquoise waters.

Explore Jervis Bay Beaches - Hyams Beach Sunrise

Hyams Beach is one of the most popular destinations on the shores of Jervis Bay. It is said it has the whitest beach in the world. True or not, the sand on the almost 3 km long beach is white, it is very white. It is so white you will be blinded if you go there without sun glasses. Believe me, I’ve done it – and I had to leave the beach to save my eyesight.

There are many more reasons why Hyams Beach remains as one of the top Jervis Bay beaches and in the whole Shoalhaven area. Obviously its white sand plays a huge role. The vast shoreline make it the perfect place to catch some sun and relax by the clear and refreshing waters. Aside from just swimming, the gentle waves makes Hyams Beach great for snorkeling, fishing, and stand-up paddleboarding. To those looking to get lost and explore, you can walk along the Hyams Beach trail for some bird watching and exercise.

Best time to visit Hyams Beach

In summer and during school holidays the little village Hyams Beach gets crowded very quickly during the day. Car parking is very limited. In summer 2018 there were even road closures long before entering the village. However having managed to get a spot, on the long beach itself it never will get overly crowded. You always will find a quite place to let yourself relax and enjoy your day on the beach.

Explore Jervis Bay Beaches - Hyams Beach Sunrise

My tip:

Get there early in the morning, may be even before sunrise and enjoy Hyams Beach nature and the stunning view over the whole of Jervis Bay just by yourself. And again: don’t forget your sunnies.

Explore Jervis Bay Beaches - Huskisson Beach - worthwhile visiting, even in winter time.

Huskisson Beach

Most visitors start to explore Jervis Bay Beaches in Huskisson. It is home to an extensive and diverse amount of marine life. The crystal clear waters bring many people to Huskisson shores. Due to it’s rich marine life, you’ll find many tour operators offering various types of services; from whale tours, dolphin cruises, and underwater adventures that allow you to see the marine park.

Huskisson town is the main town on the shores of Jervis Bay. In summer it is a lively hub for tourists and locals. A huge variety of shops cafes, restaurants and tour operators a located along the main road of Huskisson. From here the walk down to Huskisson Beach takes only a few minutes. You will enjoy both, the beauty of the unspoilt beach and the immense variety of a typical local town on the South Coast of New South Wales.

My tip:

Huskisson is a perfect combination of a lively town and a gorgeous beach. So bring your family, get a coffee and a cake and some ice cream from one of the cafe’s in town. Then walk down to the beach and on the way stop with your kids on the well maintained playground right next to the walk along the beach. Happy kids, happy parents.

Collingwood Beach

The sheltered Collingwood Beach offers stunning views of Jervis Bay. The white sandy beach is endless it seems, which makes it perfect for long walks along the coastline. Collingwood Beach is one of the longest beaches in Vincentia. It stretches from the Moona Moona creek entrance on the north end all the way to Plantation Point to the south end. The south end actually is called Orion Beach followed by the little Barfleur Beach. At Plantation Point there is also an easy accessible natural boat ramp where you can launch your kayaks or Hobie Cats. Plantation Point also has clean facilities and showers, a playground and plenty of car parking.

My tip:

To those traveling with little ones, the south part of Collingwood beach where it joins into Orion Beach receives low waves and is nicely wind and swell protected from easterly and southerly winds. Personally, Plantation Point is one of my favourite spots along the beaches of Jervis Bay. You have the option to swim in the sheltered shallow waters of Orion Beach or just walk along around the rock platform to the southern part of Plantation Point, where Nelsons Beach starts, and enjoy the bigger waves there.

Nelsons Beach - dog friendly beach

Nelsons Beach

Another white sandy beach to explore in Jervis Bay that alines with clear blue waters. Nelsons Beach is great to have a picnic or BBQ as the facilities at Plantation Point on the north end of the beach are excellent. Along Plantation Point Parade there is always a free parking spot available.

Ride your bike to Nelsons Beach

If you want to enjoy a beautiful bicycle ride along the beaches of Jervis Bay, you find an excellent shared walking / biking path. The path brings you all the way from Huskisson Beach, along Collingwood Beach, Orion Beach and finally Nelsons Beach. You may want to stop for a coffee in Vincentia at the Bayview Cafe Jervis Bay and enjoy their gourmet cakes and pies.

My tip:

To those who have dogs, Nelsons Beach allows them to be leash free and soak up the waters as well. With its expansive coast, it’s perfect to take a stroll along the shore with your pet.

Blenheim Beach Yoga

Blenheim Beach

Following the coastline of Jervis Bay further south from Nelsons Beach we find and can explore Blenheim Beach. The small Blenheim Beach is a part of White Sands Walk, which is common and popular in Jervis Bay National Park. The beach is surrounded by trees, which means you get the best of both worlds when it comes to forest and ocean. With its clear turquoise waters, it is known to have some of the best snorkeling in the area along with a large variety of marine life.

My tip:

Start your day with a mind balancing and body energising yoga session on Blenheim Beach.

Greenfield Beach

Both, Blenheim Beach and Greenfield Beach are still hidden little treasures. The gorgeous Greenfield Beach is home to sparkling blue waters along green forest and because of that, it is considered one of Jervis Bay’s best beaches. As a protected bay with calm waves, it’s another beach ideal for those looking to snorkel and swim.

Chinamans Beach

To get to Chinamans Beach you must first drive along the Jervis Bay Road from Vincentia to the village Hyams Beach. From the north end of the Village you can access Chinamans Beach. It is located next to the famous and popular Hyams Beach. However the rocks and cliffs in between the two beaches don’t allow to walk from one beach to the other. With its bright and clean white sand, it clashes with the turquoise water that give the beach a picturesque view of the bay.

My tip:

With Hyams Beach right next to it, Chinamans Beach definitely has fewer people, which makes it ideal for those looking to get away from the crowds during the busy holiday season.


Murrays Beach

To those traveling with family, Murrays Beach is a favorite as it’s well-protected and has a pleasant environment. The beach is within Booderee National Park and often considered as the park’s ‘gem’. Murrays Beach is another great area for those looking to snorkel and if you’re lucky, a wallaby might appear. To get to Murrays Beach and as well Streamers Beach, you need to enter the Booderee National Park and a Park fee is due for entry.

My tip:

Right next to Murrays Beach there is one of the rare larger boat ramps in Jervis Bay where you can launch even bigger boats. Plenty of parking bays for your trailer are available. It’s definitely worth the longer drive from Vincentia as you are already out on the bay and very close to the unspoilt Bowen Island: perfect for private whale watching during the migration season.


Explore Jervis Bay Beaches - Streamers Beach

Streamers Beach

One of the most secluded beaches of all the Jervis Bay Beaches it is part of the Booderee National Park. It takes going through a steep trail to reach Streamers Beach but it’s worth it for the view and tranquility. You’ll barely run into people, if anything, you will probably have the beach to yourself. Although, it’s not the safest place to go for a swim as it has a strong shore break along most of the beach. If you’re looking to go swimming, make sure to the water doesn’t go past your waist.

My tip:

Out of all the Jervis Bay beaches to explore, Streamers Beach is best for those looking to surf since it is located on the ocean side of the bay, whereas most other beaches are inside the Jervis Bay and don’t have the big swell most surfers love to ride.


Callala Beach

Let’s turn back and explore Jervis Bay Beaches on the northern part of Jervis Bay. Looking to Callala Beach from Huskisson it seems only a stone throw away and easy to reach. However if you are not in your kayak or on your stand up paddle board but want to reach the beach by car you have to come a long way: all the way back to South Nowra first and then turning right direction Culburra Beach and then again right to Callala Bay. First you’ll find the charming town of Callala Bay and then to it’s gorgeous Callala Beach. For those looking to soak up the sun, it’s the perfect place to sail, fish, swim, and snorkel. You can even learn to sail with Jervis Bay Sailing Club. The Jervis Bay National Park is also in the area where you can see an abundant amount of wildlife, sand forests, and woodland. Heading south of the bay, you’ll reach Callala Beach. It’s a common place to fire up a barbecue as it’s filled with picnic tables.

My tip:

If you plan a day trip to Callala Beach and want to avoid the long drive, you may jump on the Husky Ferry. The ferry will bring you from Huskisson to Myola on the south end of Callala Beach in just a few minutes. You can even bring your bicycles and ride along to Callala Bay and discover even more of Jervis Bay Beaches.



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