A weekend getaway from Sydney to a hidden tropical paradise, Jervis Bay

For Sydney-Siders only! A special weekend getaway in a hidden tropical paradise that’s virtually at your doorstep

Veronica Marie Meyer

Have you ever been mesmerized by enticing images of sundrenched tropical islands surrounded by endless tranquil, sparkling beaches – and wished you were there?

 Have you ever dreamt of a weekend getaway on a tropical white sandy beach. Here it is at Jervis Bay

If you said ‘yes’, then you wouldn’t be alone because, at one time or another, just about everyone has gazed longingly at a holiday brochure and been drawn into delicious daydreams of being whisked away to somewhere special …


And there always seems to be a ‘but’, doesn’t there …

So that, once again, for a whole bunch of reasons, your longed-for getaway simply doesn’t happen. And, there you are, stuck in the ‘same old, same old’.

A weekend getaway to Jervis Bay is not for me!


Are you one of the many people who’ve told yourself that your little slice of indulgence will have to wait because you don’t have any holidays due, it’s too expensive or you simply can’t take a long break right now?

No holiday on Jervis Bay, no relaxation - really?

These are the typical sorts of responses the majority of Sydney-siders give whenever they’re tempted to indulge in a little hard-earned rest and relaxation. And, most of the time, if you gave one of these answers you’d be 100% correct. No-one is going to argue with you when you say that, even if you wanted to, you can’t just announce to the boss, your customers or your employees that you’re heading off on a personal trip to a private paradise without plenty of advance warning, planning and saving.

Everyone knows that’s not how it works.

Well, maybe in most cases, that’s right – but would you like to know why, if you call Sydney ‘home’, it doesn’t have to be that way any more?

Jervis Bay, a perfect escape location

That’s right – for anyone who lives in Sydney there is a way for you to escape from the rat-race right now without having to blow your budget, map out a blueprint months ahead or eat into your precious days of holiday leave.

Because there’s a hidden piece of paradise that’s virtually on your doorstep.

Jervis Bay a hidden piece of Paradise for a weekend holiday

A perfect location where you can escape without having to face all the hassles of traffic, crowds or travel.

A place where you’re the one who’ll be relaxing on the pristine, white sands of a beach that’s so spacious you’ll wonder why you ever even bothered to put yourself through the unavoidable ritual of squeezing yourself and your towel into the only remaining gap between umbrellas, boom boxes and someone else’s crying kids at Bondi.

Somewhere that doesn’t leave you circling the surrounding streets for a parking spot like a hawk on the hunt for prey (and leaves your wallet intact, even if you want to park your car there for hours before you’re ready to head off to a local beachside café for a delicious late lunch).

One of Sydney’s best kept secrets –

Jervis Bay Paradise

It’s one of Sydney’s best kept secrets – and it’s stayed under the radar so long that hardly anyone realizes that they’ve got a spectacular hidden holiday gem virtually on their doorstep.

Once you discover that Jervis Bay with its beauty, beaches and unspoiled bushland is little more than 2 hours directly down the coast from Sydney, then you won’t be able to stay away.

I’ve been a regular visitor to this hidden piece of paradise for over 50 years. I first went there during holidays as a little girl in the 1960s and I’ve been going back ever since. I love it so much that a few years ago my husband and I purchased our own place in one of the many hidden hideaways where we escape on weekends to relax and get away from it all.

Jervis Bay has come a long way since those early years when it was ‘lights out’ at 7pm (even on a Saturday), there were only two television stations and the best a hungry visitor could hope for was a hamburger, fish & chips or a steak sandwich!


A weekend getaway to Jervis Bay – yes it is for me!

These days, Jervis Bay has got everything that you could possibly want for an ideal and unforgettable weekend away – with countless stunning beaches, cafés and restaurants galore, accommodation that ranges from budget to luxury and everything in between there’s nowhere better to get the hassles of a hectic city week out of your hair than right here at the centre of the beautiful south coast of New South Wales.

Jervis Bay the spectecular hidden holiday gem photo: the_getaway_jervisbay on Instagram

And yet, somehow, Jervis Bay has managed to preserve the natural beauty of its surroundings in a way that sets it apart from almost anywhere else on the east coast. Whether it was due to good luck, careful foresight or heavenly intervention, Jervis Bay has been able to avoid the down-sides of the more developed seaside resorts that dot the east coast. It truly is a coastal paradise where progress has not come at the cost of spoiling the very things that people went there to enjoy in the first place!

Find everything you want in beautiful Jervis Bay

In Jervis Bay, you’ll discover the perfect combination of having access to all of the comforts, facilities and services that are essential for making life easy (modern shopping centres, eating out, medical, sports, communications) while, at the same time, letting you escape from the hustle and bustle, get back to nature, put up your feet and slow down the pace as much (or as little) as you choose.

Whether you’re wanting a weekend for a romantic couple, somewhere that the kids can run around and enjoy themselves, a girls get together, adventure filled action or some well-deserved ‘me time’, you’ll find everything that you want in beautiful Jervis Bay – all that’s separating you from your well-earned break in your own piece of paradise is a short drive, a couple of clicks on the keyboard and your decision to make it happen.

Welcome to Jervis Bay, see you here soon

See you here soon at Jervis Bay!


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