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This exhibition forms part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of Bundanon Trust.

Over thirty years ago, Arthur and Yvonne Boyd had a vision to create a world-class centre for the creative arts where artists from all disciplines could share and draw inspiration from the Bundanon properties and Shoalhaven landscape.

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The gift of Bundanon was accepted on 23 March 1993 by the Prime Minister Paul Keating. An informal Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program commenced at Riversdale soon after. In February 1998 the Bundanon Artists Centre was completed and the AIR program was established.

Now the largest residency program of its kind in the country, the AIR program provides creative time and space for around 350 artists a year. This has increased tenfold since the early years of the Trust.

All works in this exhibition were donated by artists from the residency program and are from the Bundanon Trust Collection.