Top 25 All-Time Family Favourite Fun Holiday Activities in Jervis Bay

The Huskisson Holiday Hub

Discover the secrets to having the perfect family holiday that you’ve always dreamed of tucked away on the south coast of New South Wales in the beautiful holiday haven of Jervis Bay

Are you one of the weary, worn-out parents who are yearning for a bit of freedom from the weekly duties of ballet classes, swimming lessons and play-dates?

Have you been dreaming about a well –deserved break that the whole family could enjoy together, somewhere you could just get away from it all and take it easy for a while as a family?

Would you like to discover more about how easy it is to give everyone in your family so much fun, variety and enjoyment during your holiday at Jervis Bay that it’s guaranteed to be a holiday of a lifetime?

Veronica Marie Meyer has spent most of her life regularly visiting, and now living in, Jervis Bay. In this special 3-part series, she spotlights 25 local holiday activities, locations and ideas so that you and your family can be certain to get the most out of your Jervis Bay experience and truly enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!

In Part 1, the focus is fixed exclusively on the south coast holiday hub of Huskisson. Surrounded by white sands, turquoise waters and stunning views, its main street lined with endless rows of enticing eateries and the meeting point for exciting tours, cruises and activities it’s no wonder that Huskisson is the undisputed centre of any Jervis Bay holiday.

OK, let’s dive into it and discover the first 10 top family tips in Huskisson.

Family Fun Holiday in Huskisson Jervis Bay

First Top 10 Family Favourite Holiday Activities in Jervis Bay

Part 1 – The Huskisson Holiday Hub

When it comes to summer holidays do you ever feel as though it can be so hectic, busy and demanding that you come home even more exhausted than when you left?

Do you sometimes dream about easy, laid-back days in the sunshine, in a postcard perfect beachside haven where you can genuinely unplug from everyone’s hectic routines, a place where you can step away from the daily rush of routines, slow down the pace for a while and get to spend some true quality time together as a family?

Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

Those were the sorts of holidays we used to have back in the 1960s when I was a little girl. Every year, come January, my parents would squeeze me and my three siblings into the back of our little car as we headed off for our annual 2 weeks away. Those were the days when there were only 3 television stations, no laptops and not an air-conditioner in site but we always had the time of our lives. These were sunshine filled days at the beach, running around without a care in the world and falling soundly to sleep each night happily worn out from all those hours spent playing outside in the fresh air.

This video is under copyright and proudly presented by Andy Hutchinson, a local South Coast video- and photographer on Barefoot Geek

Huskisson is an ideal destination that’s going to be perfect for you and everyone in your family

But, it has to be said that although a summer beachside vacation might be on the top of the list for many families, it goes without saying that if you end up doing the same thing every single day then boredom can quickly set in and spoil the fun. Which is why just about everyone agrees that, to get the maximum enjoyment from a holiday, mums, dads and kids all benefit from a bit of variety that’s going to keep everyone feeling happy. The wonderful news is that there is an ideal destination that’s going to be perfect for you and everyone in your family. This is a place where it’s super-easy to combine seaside relaxation, fresh air and sunshine with activities, fun and variety– and although most Sydney siders tend to think ‘north’ when it comes to summer holidays, the truth is that the best kept holiday secrets lie in the opposite direction, tucked away on the magnificent, but largely undiscovered, south coast of New South Wales.

In my books, the jewel in the crown of these little-known paradise holiday locations is breathtakingly beautiful Jervis Bay, with an unspoiled natural beauty that has scarcely changed since my first visits as a young girl.

Even on their own, the countless stretches of beaches with their postcard aqua-blue waters and pristine white sands are more than enough to put a smile on the face of any family searching for the ideal holiday location. But, magnificent as they are, if you stopped at the beaches you’d be missing out on a whole lot of fun because, these days, Jervis Bay has so much more to offer that you’ll hardly know where to start first (which is why it was so hard to even limit this list of holiday fun activities to 25!).

Huskisson, the undisputed family hub of any Jervis Bay holiday

In Part 1 of this special three-part series, the focus is specifically on the fabulous range of activities that you can enjoy right within the vibrant, local village centre of Huskisson, the undisputed hub of any Jervis Bay holiday. Surrounded by white sands, turquoise waters and stunning views, it’s undeniably the perfect place for family holiday good times.

Would you like to learn more about what’s on offer? With the spotlight focused exclusively on Huskisson, here’s a selection of ten totally different activities that have been specifically chosen so that you can cater for all the competing preferences, interests and ages of everyone in your family.


Beach babies

Huskisson-Collingwood-Beach-Baby-Playing in white sand
Photo by Ashley K Little from Pexels

Let’s start with something obvious – swimming at beaches that boast white sands and aqua waters that could grace the cover of any holiday-brochure. There are so many wonderful beach spots for families in Jervis Bay that the list is almost endless. However, since we’re talking specifically about Huskisson, if you want to enjoy tranquil, crystal clear waters where the waves aren’t too big then my top pick is Collingwood Beach. This stretches all the way from Huskisson down to Vincentia. If you head down to the end near the Vincentia shops then to make a great day at the beach even better, you’ll have access to toilets, and a green, grassy park as well.


Poolside play

What is it about kids and pools? The attraction never seems to fade! There are two sparkling clean pools set in the middle of the pretty coastal park which is right in the centre of Huskisson. The shade-covered kiddies pool means that the littlies can splash around in safety and the larger pool is perfectly positioned so that it’s easy to keep an eye on the bigger kids as well – and since you’re only a stone’s throw from the main street, there’s no reason why mum and dad can’t relax with a well-deserved coffee at the same time.

Huskisson children’s pool, complete with shade cover

Calm waters

The wave-free waters of Moona Moona Creek provide ideal swimming conditions for small children. Even though it’s called a creek, in reality, it’s more like a lagoon, with the ocean waters that flow in keeping it clear, fresh and inviting (you drive over the bridge that crosses it when you enter Huskisson from the southern side). Not to mention that the adjoining parkland provides ample shade and modern BBQ facilities plus clean showers and toilets so that you’ll be all set for a hassle-free day out.

Moona Lagoon Fun Holiday in Huskisson

Exploration time

In the mood for some seaside exploration from dry land? All along the beach at Huskisson there are amazing expanses of rock platforms that are just crying out to be explored! Hours can fly past as you wander amongst the plentiful rock pools and anyone who doesn’t want to join in can sunbake on the sand or have a swim. The platforms are all relatively easy to walk over so that, with appropriate supervision, this activity is suitable for even very small children (just remember to bring along some shoes that won’t slip on the rocks).

Exploring The Rock platforms in Huskisson Jervis Bay

Delightful dolphins

Jervis Bay is justifiably famous for its fabulous dolphin tours. In this pristine Marine Park, you won’t have to worry about putting aside money to buy ice-creams later to compensate for the disappointed faces of kids who had their hearts set on seeing dolphins but missed out. That’s because the Bay is home to flourishing schools of dolphins and with such a big resident population, you’re guaranteed to give the kids a wonderful experience. Many of the dolphins happily swim with the cruise boats, splashing around alongside and surfing the wake. Plus, since the water is so crystal clear it makes them super-easy to see. There are plenty of cruises to choose from which depart from the wharf at Huskisson so that you can select the starting time, duration and price that will best suit your family’s preferences.

Fish frenzy

There is a fantastic giant fish pond around next to the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. And, when I say ‘big’ I mean really even more than that, it’s completely chock-a-block filled with more fish than you’ve ever seen swimming around together in one place before. This fish-fest never ceases to delight children and adults alike as giant-sized fish swim up to the surface to greet you. It’s actually a Fish Reserve, which has been designed to provide sustainable habitat for several species of Jervis Bay fish. It’s very exciting to see so many fish all in one place and, even better, it’s totally permitted to feed the fish here. Bring your own bread, or buy a bag of fish food on-site. For something different and a close encounter with fish that you won’t get anywhere else this is well and truly worth a visit (and it’s also free of charge).


Ever considered scaling down a championship 18 holes to a round of putt putt golf that’s going to guarantee a fun-filled occasion for the entire family? There’s a top quality Mini Golf course which you’ll find at the Bowling Club (now Club Husky) right at the northern end of Huskisson (you have to go around past the shops). This is one of the finest mini- golf facilities that you’ll find anywhere. Beautifully maintained, and with green fees for a family that are more than reasonable, this is a sure winner for kids of all ages! Not to mention bringing out the competitive spirit in the grown-ups as well. Who’ll be sinking the first hole-in-one in your family?

Mini Golf Family Fun in Huskisson

Old-school fun

Even in these days of on-line downloads, there’s still nothing that can quite match a visit to the real cinema. There’s just something about the total experience with your tickets, the candy bar and making your way to your seat in the semi-darkness that sets this apart from anything you could view on your laptop. The darkened room once the ads finish, the giant screen and surround sound are always consistent crowd pleasers. If you can remember the excitement of being taken to the pictures when you were little, then this is an opportunity to let your kids have their share of the fun. The Huskisson Pictures Movie Theatre is tucked away down at the northern end of the main street and they always have a great children’s program. From the outside, it looks like a quaint little timber cottage but inside it’s the real deal. Even better, it’s right near the big main carparking area for the shopping centre, so you won’t even have to drive around looking for a spot.

Carnival classics

Can there be any better summer holiday fun and thrills for kids than a classic carnival filled with all types of rides, great games and super sideshows? Especially once the sun goes down and instantly the excitement factor is multiplied by ten! Kids can’t get enough of the coloured lights shining in the dark, blended with the sounds of the merry-go-round music, the bumping of the dodgem cars, and the ‘do it again’ screams from everyone spinning at supersonic speed in their carriages or slithering as fast as they can down the giant slide. This summertime carnival has been an annual fixture on the Huskisson calendar for years, and with the excellent value of an unlimited rides ticket, it’s no wonder that it remains an all ages favourite.

Exhibits galore

The Jervis Bay Maritime Museum is an ideal anytime outing for kids and adults. It’s located at the north end of Huskisson (go past all the shops and to the right at the top of the main street). There are heaps of fascinating exhibits that even include restored boats! All types of interesting maritime artefacts and authentic Aboriginal arts and crafts abound. There are ships in a bottle, old weapons and even a sea-chest. Once you’ve finished inside, there’s plenty to enjoy in the grounds as well. In addition to the giant fishpond and mangrove boardwalk, there are also wildflower and habitat gardens. Plus there are historical buildings dotted throughout (take a peek at the original school!) You can enjoy strolling around the grounds or take along a picnic lunch or let dad show off his BBQ skills at the facilities provided.

You can discover all of this fun, adventure, and enjoyment with your family without ever having to leave the Huskisson Hub  –  and, if it’s a perfect family holiday that you’re planning, then who could ask for anything more?

But, we are talking about Jervis Bay, and there’s a reason why it’s earned a reputation as the ‘go to’ family holiday destination, especially if you’re looking for something not too far from Sydney.

You don’t have to venture far out of Huskisson to discover that there are even more fantastic holiday activities right at your fingertips – so why not take a look at Part 2 of this special three-part series to uncover even more easy, affordable and fun ways to enjoy your family vacation with a selection of action, adventure and outdoor activities from your Top 25 All-Time Family Favourite Fun Holiday Activities in Jervis Bay.

See you here soon!

Featured Title Photo by Chris King on Unsplash