MBC Employment

Established in 1991 by Michele and Neil Greig, MBC is a locally owned and operated foundation member of the Australian Federal Governments ‘Employment Services Contracts’. We work in collaboration with government, industry, employers, profit and not for profit sectors, and training organisations to deliver innovative, cost effective and sustainable employment solutions to both our job seekers and employers. We succeed in providing flexible and innovative support to ensure our job seekers have the necessary skills to meet local industry and business needs.

With 18 full service sites and 1 outreach sites across the IllawarraSouth Coast, Southern Ranges and Capital Region, MBC has been recognised year after year as the leader of Government funded employment services. We’re recognised as a high star rated provider by the Australian Federal Government, based on the number of successful job seekers placed into meaningful work.

  • We live locally. We want our community to stay strong, driving our passion to find the right work for jobseekers.
  • You’re more than a number. With us, your journey toward employment is tailored for you.
  • What works is different for everyone. We’re prepared to take the time to find the right strategies for you.
  • Expert advice on how to tackle your job search and way up your options to score that job and build your career.
  • Serve our jobseekers by having strong local network of businesses and government agencies who rely on us.