Are you hesitant about booking in a family weekend away because you’re worried about wet weather ruining your plans? Find out the Top 5 Wet Weather Family Funtime Tips for a weekend at Jervis Bay, so that a bit of rain won’t spoil the family fun!

Veronica Marie Meyer

Have you ever gone away for a couple of days only to find yourself staring through the window at the rain pouring down outside, while you’re stuck inside with kids chanting that they’re bored and have got nothing to do?

If that’s been you, then anyone with kids can feel your pain! They know exactly what you’re going through. We’ve all been there, done that. And, one thing’s for sure – it’s probably not the fun-filled escape that you were hoping for …

Read my top 5 tips for family funtime in wet weather spending your valued holidays in Jervis Bay:

Swim and stay dry all at the same time

Time travel

Movies at your doorstep

Have a whale of a time

Penny arcade paradise

Although it’s the one situation that everyone wants to avoid like the plague, the weather is always one thing over which you have absolutely no control.

Which means that, despite your most painstaking preparations, careful arrangements and diligent planning for an enjoyable family friendly weekend or holiday, wet weather is the one factor that has the potential to make or break the entire experience.

In fact, if you conducted a survey of parents with kids, and asked ‘what would be your worst case scenario for a weekend away?’ most of them would, without a moment’s hesitation place ‘wet weather’ right at the top of the list (and then take a few deep breaths to ease the rising sense of panic as they recall their own stress-filled rainy day ordeals of the past).

Do you restrict yourself and your family having a fun time due to wet weather conditions whilst in Jervis Bay?

The other problem is that the risk of being restricted to base camp when the weather is in ‘anti-outdoor’ mode is enough to make some people give up altogether on the idea of a few days away and they push the whole project into the ‘too hard’ basket.

Who could blame them? After all, when it’s wet outside, and children are quickly reaching (or have already exceeded) the limits of their capacity for housebound co-operation and restraint, the prospect of being cooped up inside for even a day and having to cope with a never-ending stream of squabbling siblings is not usually many people’s idea of a good time.

If that’s ever been you, then there may have been moments (perhaps many) when you’ve prayed that, not only will your noise-cancelling headphones block out the bedlam but they will also transport you to a pleasant, peaceful parallel universe where children play together happily and you’re left in peace at least long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee without being interrupted for more than 5 minutes …

Sound familiar?

If these sorts of scenarios have meant that, up until now, you’ve had to limit your options more than you’d like to, then the good news is that the story doesn’t have to always end that way …

Good News, you don’t have to limit your options on rainy days.

Because, if you’ve chosen Jervis Bay as your weekend getaway destination, there’s no need to avoid packing up the car and giving yourself a well-earned break from all the daily routines just because you’re worried about having to deal with the risk of rainy-day indoor dramas.

Would you like to find out why, if you’re in Jervis Bay and you’re armed with some local know-how, then a bit of wet weather doesn’t necessarily have to spell ‘family weekend from hell’?

I’ve spent virtually my whole life visiting Jervis Bay. Actually, it became my unofficial second home long ago and that includes all of the years when the kids were little. These days, my husband and I have our own secret getaway tucked in a quiet corner of this hidden piece of paradise.  Although, now with grandkids to keep entertained, sometimes it seems as though we’re right back at square one!

The wonderful thing that I’ve discovered about Jervis Bay

Even with a houseful of over-energized youngsters, there’s no need for a bit of rain to throw a wet blanket over your plans for having a good time together. That’s because, in this part of the world, if you do happen to wake up to the sound of a few rain-drops, there’s no need to roll over with a desperate groan as you try to pretend that it’s all a bad dream. There’s actually a terrific variety of activities on offer that you’ll still be able to happily enjoy with the kids even in wet weather.

Rather than having to spend your day arbitrating disputes about sharing the one toy that everyone has simultaneously decided is their favourite, breaking up bickering over whose turn it is to choose the next movie or restraining yourself from substituting a glass of wine for your morning coffee, here are my Top 5 Wet Weather Family Funtime Tips.

I’ve selected these as my Top 5 because, when you’re at Jervis Bay, they are all close to home, easy to organize and guaranteed to let you pleasantly (and sanely) pass the time, even if there are cloudy skies above!

Wet Weather Family Funtime Tip #1 – swim and stay dry all at the same time

Is there ever a child that says ‘no’ to the prospect of putting on their cossie, jumping in a pool and slipping down a water-slide? It might be raining, but mums and/or dads will be able to let the kids burn off all that built-up energy at the fabulous Bay and Basin Leisure Centre. It comes complete with indoor heated pools, giant waterslide and spa! It’s right near the big roundabout, opposite the high school (on your left as you head from Jervis Bay Road towards Vincentia).

Family Aquatic Pool Fun on wet weather days in Jervis Bay

Images: Shoalhaven City Council

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten anything (goggles, swim-nappies, floaties) – it’s all there in the on-site shop. And if you think that’s already sounding like a perfect solution, well, it just gets better because the grown ups might want to take turns in spending some ‘me time’ in the gym. Or chilling poolside while taking advantage of the free wi-fi to enjoy the latest episode of their favourite show. Or (the best is yet to come) sipping on a calming coffee in peace and quiet while the kids splash away to their hearts’ content (there is a fabulous Whale Tail Café!!!). And if you’ve got tiny tots in tow, then you just might be interested in the child minding service – up to 2 hours to yourself, a chance to relax and have a break …

Wet Weather Family Funtime Tip #2 – time travel

Lady-Denman-Ferry- at Jervis-Bay-Maritime-Museum

Image: Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

There’s no reason to be put off by the word ‘Museum’ – the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum, also known as the Lady Denman Museum, is an ideal anytime outing with kids. It’s located at the north end of Huskisson (go past all the shops and to the right at the top of the main street).

There are heaps of fascinating exhibits that even include restored boats! All types of interesting maritime artefacts and authentic Aboriginal arts and crafts abound. There are ships in a bottle, old weapons and even a sea-chest. If you’ve got some stale bread handy the pack it in your bag because, if there’s a break in the rain even for a few minutes, then the kids can duck outside and go crazy feeding the mobs of fish in the giant-sized pond which functions as a fish reserve – you’ve got to see it to believe it (fishfood is also available for purchase). Or, if the rain eases up, go on an adventure following the winding boardwalk through the mangroves – I have never in my life seen so many crabs in one place as along this boardwalk!

Wet Weather Family Funtime Tip #3 – movies at your doorstep

Sometimes, when it’s wet outside, nothing beats sitting in the movies and enjoying being entertained by a great movie on the big screen. It’s an experience that can never be matched by a download on a handheld device because it is an experience in itself that’s so much more than just the movie that’s playing! Can you remember the excitement of being taken to the pictures when you were little? Ice-cream, popcorn, sitting back in your comfy seat in the semi-dark – this holds enduring appeal and is the kind of stuff that kids still love more than anything.

Huskisson Pictures Cinema is a top tip for wet weather fun

Of course, you could drive to Nowra or Ulladulla, but why bother when there’s an amazing local cinema right there at Huskisson. But, be warned – it can be easy to miss if you don’t realise that it’s there. The Huskisson Pictures Movie Theatre is tucked away down at the northern end of the main street. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it was just a quaint little timber cottage. Don’t worry, once you look more closely, you’ll clearly see the signage. Even better, it’s right near the big main carparking area for the shopping centre, so you won’t even have to drive around looking for a spot.

Wet Weather Family Funtime Tip #4 – have a whale of a time

Q: Have you ever seen a dolphin or a whale with an umbrella? A: Only if you’ve been spending too much time wearing your virtual reality goggles! The last time I checked, neither of these water-based mammals had much requirement for protection from raindrops, which means they’ll be out there swimming, diving and splashing about regardless of whether or not us humans are concerned about getting ourselves wet.


Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

You’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular sight of these magnificent creatures swimming free in their natural environment, while staying cosy and dry on board one of the many dolphin and whale watching cruises that operate within Jervis Bay. Plus, as an added bonus, if there’s wet weather but no wind, then the water will be calmer making it easier to spot your marine friends when they come to the surface. Not to mention that cloudy skies usually mean less people on board (because they haven’t read this article and are stuck inside, staring miserably out the window while you’re the one’s having all the fun!).

There’s plenty of room inside these comfortable, modern cruise boats with loads of large windows so that no-one will miss out on any of the water-based action.

Wet Weather Family Funtime Tip #5 – penny arcade paradise

If it’s nice weather for ducks, and you want to make it a bit of a day out, why not pack the kids into the car and head down to Funland at Ulladulla? Located in Rowans Arcade in the main street, this is a total entertainment hub that has got everything you can imagine when it comes to kids having a good time. From video arcade games to laser tag, pinball to dodgem cars, mini putt putt golf to kiddy rides – there’s going to be something to suit everyone in your clan, no matter what their age, tastes or preferences!

Funland Ulladulla - the wet weather alternative on the South Coast of NSW


It only takes about 40 minutes to get there and, personally, I think that the drive between Jervis Bay and Ulladulla is the most beautiful section of the drive along this part of the south coast. If it’s a few years since you ventured this far south, the good news is that there have been extensive road upgrades, so that you no longer have to twist and turn through the mountain range making it a much easier drive.

Why not call in at the Bewong Roadhouse Café for lunch?

I kid you not – this Roadhouse is the best ever. It’s on your way, just about 10-15 minutes on your left as you travel along the highway. Don’t be fooled because, from the outside, it looks like a typical petrol station stop. Nothing special at all. But, I’ll tell you what – once you get inside and take a seat in the café, you’re in for an absolute treat. The food is terrific, generous, country-style Aussie. All the best of the classics – and if you’re brave enough to tackle one of their mouth-watering, freshly made hamburgers on your own then just make sure you’ve brought a giant-sized appetite along with you, because you’re sure going to need it! And on top they have a lovely gift shop with local specialities and arts and crafts. A totally relaxed space for kids, plenty of menu items to choose from, clean toilets and prices so reasonable you’ll remember them for a long time to come!

Bewong-Roadhouse-Cafe on the way from Jervis Bay to Ulladulla

Image Bewong Roadhouse Cafe – Facebook

One more bonus tip – GET WET

Well, as we know, rain is not a bad thing at all. Why not go for a swim in the ocean and enjoy the raindrops massaging your body. Back in your accommodation after a nice hot shower or bath you probably will feel this satisfaction having done something unusual and special together with your kids. Enjoy.


Even wet rainy days at Jervis Bay can be lot’s of fun

So next time that you’re staying at Jervis Bay and you’re faced with a bit of wet weather, there’s no need to barricade yourself in your bedroom with the headphones on and the volume turned up to full because instead of throwing a damper on your day, with these and plenty of other activities to choose from, a wet weather day with your family at Jervis Bay could turn out to be one of those special childhood memories that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Looking forward to seeing you here soon!